Mark and Jeannie's homepage

For those who don't know. We got married March 8th, 2003.
Yup, almost three years ago....
... and I'm just getting the honeymoon pictures up.
Oh my God! I just looked at them. Lets just say the trip was better than the pictures...

I did build us a house. And It's a mighty fine house if I don't say so myself.
Maybe I'll post pictures... maybe...

or you can look at our old webpage on RoadRunner. (It hasn't been updated in serveral years, if they haven't deleted it yet)
I did copy over the icestorm stuff ... and the weather station works. (it's down while we move.)
You could check out our very cute nephew. He's three four five now, and has a brother and a cousin! And on the other side of the family, there is also a new nephew. Maybe someday his uncle will quit being a putz and put up pictures of all of them up.
Montana has her own site. Stop by and say "Hi."
Jeannie has a new place to play.

Holy Cow! We moved the boat!
Now we're one step closer to getting it to our boatdock.
Will wonders never cease?

Maybe someday I'll quit using EditPad and find an HTML editor I like... maybe.
Such a lame excuse.
at least I found a thumbnail creator I like, ThumbNail Creator
(imagine that...)

What is Mark be listening to? WinAMP.

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